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Introduction to QGIS

Follow along and interact with the slides below if you want:

Key points from slides:

  • GIS is any system used to analyze, capture or work with geospatial data and can ingest three main types of data: tabular, vector and raster.
  • Different tools within the software are only able to work with specific data types.
  • Before embarking on a GIS project it is good to take stock of your objective to help you select the appropriate tool:
    • Visualize + Contextualize: Google Earth
    • Perform Analysis: QGIS
    • Visualize & Share: Leaflet, mapbox.js, Carto‚Ķ
  • QGIS is the most robust entry level open-source GIS analysis tool available.
  • Many open tools can be found linked from the data visualization subject guide.