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ESRI Dashboard FAQs

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Software selections

Which tool is right for my research: ESRI Dashboards or Insights?
Insights Dashboards
Are you looking to conduct analyses? Yes! No, just visualize.
What is your study timeframe? What might happen in the future. Events happening now.
What sort of questions are you asking? ‘How’ & ‘Why’ ‘What’

Failed Charts

What is going on with my charts? They are showing up blank! Try swapping the orientation of your rows and columns, the tool is often looking for things to be in a specific format.

Surprise Map Changes

I loaded some AGOL maps into my Dashboard, and today they are at a different scale and not centred properly. What is happening? The dashboard is referencing your ArcGIS Online maps, so if you make any edits or move the window in the map document, these changes will carry over to your dashboard.

Efficient Workflows

I'm making a dashboard and it feels like I'm spending all my time formatting things and adjusting properties and starting over...It is a fidgety process, the best thing to do is to make a plan based on the message you want to communicate before you start and then stick to it.