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Introduction to data cleaning with OpenRefine


This hands-on session provides an overview of data cleaning and why it is important. Attendees will be introduced to various data cleaning tools and procedures focusing on textual data. Participants will become familiar with navigating the OpenRefine interface and popular workflows. Voyant will be used to create visualize the data by creating wordclouds to see how different workflows impact the textual dataset.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Gain an overview of data cleaning and common workflows
  • List popular data cleaning tools and what is supported through the University
  • Explore OpenRefine interface
  • Clean and export a tabular datasets to visualize in word cloud software

Before the session:

  • Download and install OpenRefine 3.6.2 onto your computer. Take me there!
  • Download the data and extract the compressed files into your Downloads folder. Download Data