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Network Visualization using Kumu - A gentle introduction

Follow along and interact with the slides below if you want:

Watch the session on YouTube.

Key points from slides:

  • Data Visualization: Display complex information in a way that makes it easier for your end user to explore or understand what you have done.
  • Network Visualization: Displays complex relationships through an arrangement nodes and edges and can be categorized as physical or logical. A network can be also be represented through mathematical notation with roots in graph theory.
  • Data is structured as nodes and edges with attributes of directionality, weight etc.
  • Before starting project it is good to step back and consider:
    • your message
    • your audience
    • your data (requirements + structure)
  • Kumu is a great online tool with a robust free tier, for advanced options try Gephi.
  • Many other visualization tools can be found linked from the data visualization subject guide.