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PowerBI FAQs

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Software versions

I am using the PowerBI app in my web browser and can't find the data cleaning menus. I could find them when I was in the Lab...The PowerBI app (SaaS) has much less functionality than the Desktop version. Data transformation options are only available in Desktop.

Failed Visualizations

This is a disaster, nothing is showing up the way I am expecting it to. Before you begin to visualize clean data is critical. This means no merged fields, floating legends or rogue images. Ensure each column has a descriptive header to help you navigate.

Data Classification

My data is continuous, but the options I want to use for visualization are greyed out. What's going on? You probably haven't set the correct data type, format or summarization on that particular field. Make adjustments in the data panel.

Joining data

I am trying to use a Merge Query to join two tables but it isn't working!Often it is the data types that will be causing the issue. Make sure the fields you are trying to join on match in type (ie. text, decimal...). Also ensure there are no errors in your data (nulls etc).