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Capture your audience with visualization


This hands-on session provides an overview of data visualization and presentation theory and how it can be applied in commonly used tools (Google Slides, Excel, Tableau Public). Participants will learn about best practices and guidelines for effective visualization. Attendees will design a presentation from start to finish, including: layout, visualization selection, font and colour. Examples and exercises will be geared to those who present research as well as reports, (i.e. annual reports).

In this session, participants will:

  • Apply their understanding of visualization theory to address common presentation scenarios
  • Gain an overview of popular visualization strategies applied to data and slide presentations;
  • Become familiar with popular visualization software and important considerations to take when selecting tools;
  • Explore Tableau Public and Google slides and set visualization parameters applying theory covered;

Before the session:

  • Download and install the desktop version of Tableau Public for your operating system. Download Software
  • Ensure you have access to the folder of workshop data and documentation that has been shared with you through Google Drive. Access your Google Drive


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