Tips for creating map layouts

Meg Miller - GIS & Data Visualization Librarian



  1. Become familiar with popular graphics software and what is supported through the University;

  2. Discuss QGIS Export Strategies

  3. Inkscape Exercise:
    • The basics
    • Edit a complex layout

Software Access:

Data Visualization LibGuide

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Open Software workflow:

  1. Visualize + Contextualize: Google Earth, OSM...
  2. Perform Analysis: QGIS, GRASS...
  3. Visualize & Share: Inkscape, GIMP, Leaflet, mapbox.js...

Considerations when exporting from QGIS

  • Labels
  • Surround elements (scalebar, north arrow etc.)
  • File formats

Exporting: Labels

  • Show all labels, even conflicting
  • Screenshot label dialogue
  • Decide if you want to convert text to path
  • Screenshot text as path

Exporting: Surround elements

  • Scale bar not scale text
  • Legends
  • North arrow

Exporting: File Formats



Today's Session:
Inkscape- Tips for creating map layouts

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