A very spatial software session

Meg Miller - GIS & Data Visualization Librarian

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  1. What is GIS?
  2. Considerations for education projects
  3. Data Visualization and Campus Libraries
  4. ArcGIS Online (workshop)

What is GIS?

Geographic Information System

Any system used to analyze, capture or work with geospatial data.

1. What data types are used in GIS

Data Types: Tabular

Screenshot of a table

Data Types: Vector (point, line, polygon)

points, lines and areas

Data Types: Raster

screenshot of a raster image

2. How can GIS be used by educators

"GIS enabled [...] consciousness"

Sasha Mullally- UNB History Dept.

Common processes:

  1. Facilities Management
  2. Administration
  3. Participatory tools

Facilities Management:

  1. Capacity
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Emergency planning


  1. Comparison between schools, boards and other benchmarks
  2. Location attributes (address, student:teacher ratios, funding, enrollment)
  3. Transportation networks
  4. Policy informed by community attributes

Participatory GIS

Interactive tools for stakeholder feedback.


  1. Data
  2. Audience
  3. Time

3. How can Libraries support me

Library Support:

Librarian Support

Subject Guides

Training opportunities

Upcoming Fall/ Winter Sessions

(Wednesdays at noon)

Key Points:

  • Your expertise - be kind to your future self
  • Purpose - exploratory vs. explanatory
  • Audience - expertise, mediation
  • Data requirements - size, residency, privacy...

Hands-on: Exploring ArcGIS Online

Workshop content



workspace: bit.ly/edua_7850