Open Data:
Annual Crop Inventory

Meg Miller - GIS & Data Visualization Librarian



  • Discuss differences between proprietary and open data;

  • Gain familiarity with popular visualization software and what is supported through the University;

  • Understand how to implement efficient workflows when working with the ACI.


  1. Overview of data licenses;
  2. UM software & training access points;
  3. Explore:
    • Access
    • Metadata
  4. Workflows for interacting with ACI:
    • File Size
    • Projections
    • Data Classification

Data Licenses:

Open Data

Licensed/ Proprietary Data

Software Access:

Data Visualization LibGuide

Don't forget about training resources!

Upcoming Fall/ Winter Sessions

(Wednesdays 12:00 to 13:00)

Exploring the ACI

Key points:

  • Access:
    1. Nothing wrong with googling, but be aware of Google
    2. Think authoritative sources (AAFC)

  • Metadata matters!

Time Saving Tips:

  • File size
  • Projections
  • Data classification